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Mission Statement

The mission of the Early Childhood Education Program is to facilitate families' access to quality, supportive, and Early Childhood Education preschool programs.
  • To help your child develop self-esteem and respect for others.
  • To encourage each child's participation in learning through the use of varied materials, activities and learning styles.
  • To help each child practice good personal health, safety and nutrition habits.
  • To ensure all children are provided nutritious meals. 
  • To develop in each child the readiness skills for life-long learning.
  • To share program goals and to ensure effective two-way comprehensive communication between staff and parents. The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meets on a regular basis throughout the school year. 
  • To ensure parents have information for Health and Social Services referrals.
  • To use each child's individual needs, interests and experience in planning activities for further development.
  • To ensure each child's progress is documented using the Desired Results Development  Profile (DRDP).
  • To ensure program quality, each classroom is rated using Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS).
  • To ensure staff is informed and updated on child development regulations, requirements and policies, staff are provided opportunities to attend Professional Growth and Staff Development conferences and meetings.
  • To ensure the community is involved and informed about the program, different activities are planned and articles are written in the community newspaper throughout the school year.
  • To ensure the at the Early Education program is in full compliance with California Department of Education (CDE)  Early Education and Support Division by using the CDE CSPP Program Self-Evaluation as a monitoring tool on an on-going and annual basis.