Tanner State Preschool

   I'm Mrs. Clauhdet Garnett and I have been teaching preschoolers for 18 years, and have enjoyed it to the fullest. I have been a teacher for the Paramount Unified School District for the same amount of years.  I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and hold a Child Development Site Supervisor Permit.   My goal is to finish my Bachelor's Degree soon.  At work, my day starts when children come to school and spend time with me and other children. My day ends when the children take home an idea or new word that I have taught them.
     I am a proud Mexican, that might be a reason why I love our culture and our very traditional Mexican dishes.  I love to spend time with my small family. I have been married for 24 years to my husband Reggie and have one daughter that I am very proud of.  My favorite color is orange and I love the square shape.  My favorite bands are Mana, Cafe Tacuba and Juanes.

Preschool Expectations 

We are learning to:

Be responsible


         Paying attention to teacher during circle time

         Keeping my hands to myself

         Raising my hand

         Cleaning up after playing with toys   


Be friendly


Saying hello and goodbye

Saying please and thank you

Taking turns

Sharing with others


Be safe

Using my words to solve problems

         Walking in the classroom

         Sitting properly on chairs and benches

         Sitting on my bottom when I go down the slide


Be healthy


Washing my hands before eating and after using the bathroom

Flushing the toilet after using it

Placing trash in the trash can

Tasting new foods for breakfast or lunch