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Hello, I'm Ms. Diana. I have been working for our Early Childhood Education Program for over 13 years as an instructional assistant. This is my second year as a classroom teacher. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from California State University of Dominguez Hills and I currently hold a site supervisor teaching permit.  I have a one-year-old beautiful baby girl. I love going to the beach, my favorite color is black, I enjoy listening to different types of music and love dancing and playing soccer.







Collins AM Daily Class Schedule


7:50 – 8:05


Arrival / Handwashing/

Table Toys


8:05 – 8:35


Outside Time


8:35 – 8:40


Clean-up / Hand washing


8:40 – 8:55


Carpet Time / Second Step


8:55 – 9:00


Hand washing


9:00 9:25




9:25 – 9:40


Big Experience #1 - Rotations


9:40 – 10:10



Learning Centers


10:10 – 10:15



10:15 – 10:25


Big Experience #2

10:25 – 10:45


Table Activity

10:45 – 10:50


Music and Movement /

Table Toys




Preschool Expectations 

We are learning to:

Be responsible


         Paying attention to teacher during circle time

         Keeping my hands to myself

         Raising my hand

         Cleaning up after playing with toys   


Be friendly


Saying hello and goodbye

Saying please and thank you

Taking turns

Sharing with others


Be safe

Using my words to solve problems

         Walking in the classroom

         Sitting properly on chairs and benches

         Sitting on my bottom when I go down the slide


Be healthy


Washing my hands before eating and after using the bathroom

Flushing the toilet after using it

Placing trash in the trash can

Tasting new foods for breakfast or lunch